Depression = To Press Down

The word’s literal meaning, to depress, means to push down or a state of being pressed down, like a beach ball in a swimming pool. Keeping this figurative ball pushed down takes a toll, and as Gabor Maté says “… one can easily feel how much concerted force it takes to keep the ball submerged, and the way it ‘wants’ to find a way back up to the surface” (p. 253). In this analogy, what is being pushed down... ? Well, emotions.

Breathing New Life

From a mindbody perspective, thinking and feeling are understood to be conditioned by energetic factors. Because one’s energy is depressed, it can be very difficult for a person to lift themselves up by just thinking positive thoughts. Physics explains that any change requires an input of energy to destabilize the status quo. Therefore, when someone’s energy level is depressed, something needs to happen in order to allow for a change in direction.


With my clients, I use several strategies that can help us with the “input of energy” to start feeling different. Particular breathing exercises, emotional expression, the subsequent integration of experience, and meaning making gives a person a subtle jumpstart effect that is palpable. During our time together, we will look at your life from different angles: from your daily habits and routines, the important people around you, your thoughts and beliefs, to your goals and aspirations for your future. You will implement small but powerful actions that help you rise above the depressive states and find positive momentum.

Our Framework

From this holistic framework, we take into consideration the different areas of your life that make you who you are in order to assess what areas need updates. These areas are integral parts in the healing process. Together we take an honest, down to earth look at your life, past and present.


Then, we collaborate to choose the best course of action related to your growth goals, with my experience to guide your process. We focus on developing your capacity to nurture and sustain yourself with love, healthy habits, and quality connections.


By taking ownership and response-ability for one’s circumstances (understanding responsibility as the ability to respond appropriately to any given situation), life begins to look different from a new position of power and direction. Positive change begins to happen spontaneously and with ease as small actions steps accumulate to meaningful life changes.


You are the most important asset in your life, and the time and energy you invest in your wellbeing is well worth it.


Give me a call to find out how we can work together.
If I am not for myself, then who will be for me?"

— Hillel, The Elder —

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